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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a fostering and adoption medical?

If you are planning to foster or adopt, you will need a GP to provide you with a fostering and adoption medical (a CoramBAAF Adult Health Report AH1) that will assess your current and long term health for suitability to become a fosterer or adoptive parent.

You also need a review every 2 years which takes place in the form of a further GP consultation and the completion of the CoramBAAF Adult Health Update Report AH2.

You can view your medical form and what’s included here. Please note these are only samples and your agency will provide you with a copy of the form.

Why do I need a medical when birth parents don’t?

What happens with the physical examination if I have my medical virtually?

Can you complete my medical or does it have to be my GP?

Transferring Agency – What happens with my medical?