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Fostering and Adoption Medicals

At Fostering Medicals, our committed team ensures comprehensive medical assessments with a timely response, granting you peace of mind and facilitating a seamless process. We collaborate closely with our clients, extending full support and delivering medical guidance whenever necessary.

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Adoption and fostering represent significant milestones that entail life-altering circumstances, particularly for those venturing into them for the first time. These endeavours involve numerous difficulties and challenges that must be overcome, with the utmost priority consistently placed on the safety, well-being, and welfare of the child.

However, for the many families capable of offering the care and security that a child desperately needs, the experience can also prove to be tremendously fulfilling.

An essential requirement in this process is an Adult Health Report endorsed by a GP, which must accompany your formal application, whether it is for fostering or adoption. This assessment serves to provide pertinent information about your mental and physical health, aiding the relevant agencies in determining your suitability to offer a stable, safe, and affectionate home to a child.


Successful fostering and adoption necessitates meticulous and timely medical reports. At Fostering Medicals, we grasp the approach of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) towards adult medical reports. We also acknowledge the requirement for additional foster carers and adoptive parents. This is precisely why we collaborate with a team of specialists to produce GP summary reports specifically tailored for fostering and adoption. As part of our service offering, we provide both the AH1 and AH2 medical, alongside a Summary Report when requested.

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